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Rena approached her diagnosis of lymphoma as she did with almost everything else in life: with a clear understanding of the issue and a determination to overcome obstacles.

Throughout her illness there were many unexpected and terribly unpleasant circumstances.  At every turn Rena remained remarkably composed, fearlessly acknowledging each development with a positive attitude. She never complained and not once did she ever express even a morsel of self pity.  

She endured every procedure and faithfully took all prescribed drugs, certain that eventually there would be a successful outcome.  

Ultimately, the cancer cells that entered her central nervous system could no longer be controlled. As Rena’s oncologist delivered the terminal prognosis at her hospital bedside on March 8, 2013, she calmly accepted her fate and confidently said, “Don’t worry Doc, I’m sure in 20 years you’ll have a cure for this.” Rena was convinced a solution would be found, not for her but for others.

Let’s help fulfill Rena’s wishes in finding a cure.


Thank you,

Rob Golden


Latest Comments

  1. Remember me. Love, Sis
    by Gazelle 10 months ago
  2. Rena, you will be missed.
    by Jalleh 11 months ago
  3. In loving memory of Rena, my mentor and my friend.
    by Lisa about 1 year ago
  4. God bless you Rena, may you rest in sweet peace.
    by Timolin about 1 year ago
  5. Our thoughts are with the Golden Family
    by Neil & Jennifer about 1 year ago
  6. In Loving Memory of my wife, Marjorie Hirschberg
    by Dick about 1 year ago
  7. In Honor of My Wonderful Daughter Rena Golden
    by Rehana about 1 year ago
  8. In memory of Rena.
    by claudia & mike about 1 year ago
  9. Rena's fight was inspirational. The cure is near
    by Richard and Phyllis about 1 year ago
  10. In memory of Rena. Inspiring. She is missed.
    by Jennifer about 1 year ago
  11. To our beloved Rena--your strength uplifts us all
    by Uzra about 1 year ago
  12. Rena was an inspiration and will truly be missed
    by Michele about 1 year ago
  13. We will always miss Rena
    by Ned about 1 year ago
  14. In loving memory of Rena.
    by Jessica about 1 year ago
  15. In memory of Rena.
    by Jeannine about 1 year ago
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